At 14.71 square miles, nearly 39,000 people call Coppell home, yet it retains a small town atmosphere. Excellent city services, outstanding parks and facilities, safe neighborhoods, strong churches, and exemplary schools all provide for a quality lifestyle and sense of community.

Coppell is almost fully developed with less than 800 acres for a new commercial development and less than 30 acres for new residential development. The City of Coppell is committed to preserving the integrity of residential and commercial areas in the City by enhancing the quality of life and investment in Coppell.

The City wants to ensure that the high standard of living present in Coppell will be maintained in the future. The City is dedicated to providing the best programs and services, ensuring financial stability, sustaining the City’s infrastructure, maintaining neighborhoods, supporting the business community and promoting all elements that make up a desirable community like Coppell. All measures are being taken today are designed to help provide the best community where residents can live, work and play for a lifetime.

Coppell has a wide variety of livable neighborhoods. The homes are high quality and well-maintained. Single family homes have a high rate of occupant ownership. Neighbors are involved, know each other and help each other. Residents have the opportunity to live where they work and work where they live.

With several community parks, an aquatic and recreation center, a nature park and a 7 mile trail system that runs throughout Coppell, there are plenty of places to enjoy the outdoors. Coppell is a beautiful city that values its natural assets and it is truly a family community for a lifetime.